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A privately owned Canadian company since 1974, ABC Group is one of the world’s leading automotive systems and components manufacturers.

We cover every facet of the plastics processing technologies, systems and components for the global automotive industry, Fluid Management, Flexible Products, Interior and Exterior Systems and Air Induction Systems. Ranked as one of the top industrial automotive blow-molders in North America, our manufacturing processes include Blow and Injection Molding, Thermoforming, Sheet Extrusion, Interior and Exterior Painting and Material Compounding. We provide comprehensive support and services, from advanced research and development to overall project management.

Our distinction is our vertical integration. We produce products from concept to production for a constantly growing number of unique automotive components and systems. The research and development, materials, design, testing, tooling, machines, processing technologies and secondary assembly systems are all supplied and controlled within our own company. To our customers this means faster development, increased design flexibility, improved efficiencies in manufacturing and assembly, significant cost savings, and enhanced quality and performance.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the world-leading automotive components and system solutions provider for our global customers by delivering best-in-class products and services that are rooted in cutting-edge innovation.

To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction we focus on excellence in design, quality, advanced engineering, supply chain management, lean manufacturing and precise launch activity.

To support our initiatives, we adhere to a corporate philosophy of always conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards and values in all of our business dealings, treatment of our employees and social environmental policies.

We maintain a corporate culture where work place diversity and inclusion is a critical component of our success. We develop, retain and attract exceptional people, all within a collaborative environment where workplace safety is always a priority.

With continuous operational improvements, innovation and a strong competitive position for serving our global automotive customers, we are positioned for long-term growth that will benefit our customers, employees, and communities, and provide superior returns to our investors.


Our mission is to be the world-leading automotive components and system solutions provider for our global customers by delivering best-in-class products and services that are rooted in cutting-edge innovation.

Todd Sheppelman


Todd Sheppelman is the President & CEO of ABC Group Inc. Todd brings to ABC Group more than 30 years of experience in the automotive components industry. He has a great blend of global business experience, effective leadership and broad expertise in many areas including Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Strategy and Executive Management.

Todd was recently Chief Executive Officer of Air International Thermal Systems, a supplier to the global automotive industry. Prior to this, he was with Visteon Corporation as Vice President and General Manager responsible for the General Motors global business unit. Todd also held the positions of Director of Marketing and Planning for the company’s powertrain division, Plant Manager of Visteon’s Rawsonville manufacturing facility, Sales Director for powertrain products, Business Unit leader for the powertrain business unit with Ford, and head of sales of Visteon’s entire product line portfolio to the automaker.

Todd began his career as a Sales Engineer for Delco Remy, which later became part of Delphi Corporation. Throughout his career with Delphi, he held various Sales, Marketing and Engineering positions, including serving as Chief Engineer in Europe for electrical products, and Director of Sales for interior, safety and lighting products in North America.

Todd holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Illinois and received a prestigious General Motors Fellowship to Stanford University where he earned his MBA. He served as Chairman of the Oxford Kids Foundation, a non-profit charity which funds medical treatments for children with disabilities, chronic illnesses and traumatic injuries not covered by insurance.

Ken Friedman


Ken Friedman is the Chief Operating Officer of ABC Group Inc.  As COO, Ken is responsible for global operations. He brings extensive knowledge of manufacturing and automotive experience from his previous 20+ years working in the industry. Prior to working at Precision Castparts Corporation, he worked 6 years at Gates Corporation, where he served as President Americas and Chief Manufacturing Officer. Ken started his professional career with Magna International working 16 years in several key management positions with his last role as General Manager over various manufacturing facilities in Mexico.

Ken holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University.

David Smith


David Smith, CPA, is the Chief Financial Officer of ABC Group Inc. David has more than 30 years of experience, working primarily with global automotive suppliers. David graduated magna cum laude from Eastern Michigan University, passed all parts of the CPA exam on the first sitting and spent the first five years of his career at Ernst & Young rising to the level of Manager. From there David has worked for four different automotive suppliers (Simpson Industries, Federal-Mogul, Key Plastics and Key Safety Systems) under both public company and private equity owners. David’s assignments over this time have come with increasing responsibility including building global finance teams for large multinational companies, M&A (diligence on buy side and sell side, deal negotiation, financing), process improvement leading to faster and more accurate financial information, IFRS implementations, turn-around situations, cost reduction and working capital optimization.

David Ellacott


David Ellacott is the Chief Human Resources Officer of ABC Group Inc.  As CHRO, David is responsible for global Human Resources.

David brings extensive knowledge as a strategic thinker, business driven Human Resources Leader with over 25 years of experience in industries such as automotive, fast moving consumer goods and logistics across Canada, the United States and Mexico.

David has a proven track record in championing business transformations, change management and building and leading top performing teams. Some career credits include crafting and implementing an employee value proposition to drive business strategy, shaping a high performing culture, successful negotiations of collective agreements, and designing and implementing a total rewards repositioning strategy.

In his career, David has held senior HR leadership roles including Vice President of Human Resources for Imperial Tobacco Canada.  Prior to joining ABC Group Inc., David held positions with organizations such as Wesco Distribution, Tenneco Automotive and Ford Motor Company.

David holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Labour Studies from McMaster University.

Corporate Social Responsibility

ABC Group is committed to have a positive social impact by supporting the environment, customers, our people, and community members. We adhere the highest ethical standards and values in conducting business and in implementing our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

Governance & Ethics

At ABC Group, our executives take corporate social responsibility seriously to ensure the success of our strategy and action. Every employee at ABC Group encourages a workplace that promotes sustainable processes and ideas. Together, real impact is made throughout our global operations.


ABC Group supports the growth of each individual within the organization through a comprehensive benefits package, competitive wages and managing career development. We throw social events all year to demonstrate employee appreciation for all their diligence and accomplishments.

Stake Holder Engagement

We recognize the importance in hearing a diverse set of experiences and expertise to help ABC Group come to the best decisions possible. Internally, we have prioritized diversity in our hiring selection as well as within our supply chain.


Our environmental focus is to increase resource efficiency and reduce pollution, emissions and waste. Every process, from design to finished product, involves environmental considerations. All of our operational sites have been identified by the CDP as a low risk GHG emission producer. Since environmental concerns are a high priority for ABC Group, plants are rewarded for their reduction efforts.

Each plant’s policy and scope of EMS are available to interested parties upon request.


ABC Group creates positive and significant impacts through our community contributions strategy. The areas we focus on are environmental causes, STEM education, skills competitions and healthcare contributions. Developing our surrounding communities is critical to economic sustainability, which is why we are committed to expanding our internship program and intensify our corporate training.

Health & Safety

With the support from every employee, we are committed to maintaining a safe workplace. Our joint health and safety committees proactively search all sites for any hazards. Every plant has surpassed our expectations in achieving their no lost time incidents commitments – We always put our people first.

The Global Compact

United Nations Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact is an initiative to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies and practices, and to report on their implementation. It is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative with over 13,000 participants, from over 170 countries. The ten principles are in the areas of human rights, the environment, and anti-corruption.

ABC Group is committed to implementing UN Global Compact principles in the following four areas; Human Rights, Labour, Environment, and Anti-Corruption.


Policies & Reports

Learn about our Environment, Health and Safety policies, and annual toxic reduction reports for a comprehensive look at our commitments.

Joint Ventures

Since our founding, ABC Group has pursued strategic partnerships that will enhance our delivery and selection of products for customers. We have joint ventures located primarily in China.

ABC Inoac Exterior Systems
ABC Group


  1. 1950

    • Supreme Casting Formed.
  2. 1961

    • ABC Plastic Moulding started by Supreme with one blow-moulding machine.
  3. 1968

    • ABC Plastic Moulding makes first automotive part.
  4. 1972

    • Salga Associates formed by Partners.
  5. 1974

    • ABC Group formed with purchase of ABC Plastic and Supreme Casting by Partners.
  6. 1977

    • Polybottle acquired by ABC Group.
  7. 1980

    • MSB Plastics formed.
  8. 1981

    • Salga Inc. formed in Toledo, Ohio.
  9. 1982

    • Salflex Polymers Ltd. Formed for material development and R&D.
    • Plastic Moulding Group Limited formed. (International Operations)
  10. 1983

    • Polybottle Group Limited, Edmonton, Alberta, formed. (Formerly ABC Packaging Ltd.)
  11. 1984

    • LCF Manufacturing formed.
  12. 1985

    • Joint venture agreement with Inepsa in Spain Plasticos ABC S.A.
    • Group Product Development formed.
  13. 1986

    • ABC Group Limited formed. (U.S. Operations)
    • International Sales & Engineering Inc. formed by ABC Group (50%) and Todd Stewart (50%)
    • Multi-Layer Plastics Ltd. Formed.
    • ABC Packaging Ltd. commenced operations of new plant in Vancouver, B.C.
  14. 1987

    • The sanding operations of ABC Plastic Moulding commenced operations in Concord, Ontario
    • Salga Plastics Inc. commenced operations of new plant in Gallatin, Tennessee.
    • ABC – Nishikawa Industries Inc. Formed as joint venture in North America for Instrument panels and soft trim with Nishikawa Kasei Co. of Japan.
    • First Canadian Automotive Parts Supplier to Manufacturer in Japan: N-A Plastic Co., Ltd. formed as joint venture in Japan for blow molding between Nishikawa Kasei Co. and ABC Group
  15. 1988

    • Salga Products Inc. new plant in Newark, Delaware.
    • Canadian Plastic-Pak, new plant in Vancouver, B.C.
    • ABC Industrial Products commences business operations.
  16. 1989

    • Polybottle Group Limited, Vancouver, B.C., formed. (Formerly ABC Plastic-Pak Ltd.)
  17. 1990

    • ABC Group formed a joint venture in Germany for the marketing and development of blow-moulded products
    • ABC Plastiepuma S.A. de C.V. commenced operations of a new plant in San Juan del Rio, Mexico.
  18. 1992

    • All Packaging Divisions merged to form Polybottle Group Limited.
    • ABC Group Sales & Engineering Inc. formed.
    • ABC Group International Technologies Inc. formed.
  19. 1994

    • ABC Automobil Formteile GmbH in Germany and Plasticos ABC Spain, S.A. become wholly owned and managed by ABC Group.
    • ABC Multi-Flex Plastics Inc. formed dedicated to production of sequential extrusion products.
    • Supreme Mould Limited formed.
  20. 1995

    • ABC Group (Canada) Ltd. formed. (Canadian Operations)
    • ABC Plastiepuma plant expansion and name change to Grupo ABC de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
    • ABC Air Management Systems Inc. formed.
    • ABC Group Tech Centre established in Toronto, Ontario.
    • Supreme Tooling Inc. in Indiana, becomes wholly owned and managed by ABC Group.
  21. 1996

    • ABC Metal Products Inc. formed.
    • ABC Group Exterior Systems Inc. formed.
  22. 1997

    • ABC Group Interior Systems formed.
    • PDI Plastics Inc. Acquired.
    • International Sales & Engineering Inc. owned and fully managed by ABC Group.
    • ABC Group Fuel Systems Inc. formed.
  23. 1998

    • Extrusion Technologies formed.
    • ABC Group Do Brasil Ltda. Formed.
  24. 1999

    • MSB Plastics Manufacturing Ltd. Becomes wholly owned and managed by ABC Group.
    • ABC Group Japan Inc. formed.
    • Grupo ABC de Mexico S.A. de C.V. Second plant established.
  25. 2001

    • ABC Group Sales & Marketing Inc. established world wide.
    • Undercar Products Group Inc. established in Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A.
  26. 2002

    • ABC Flexible Engineering Products Inc. (formerly Extrusions Technologies).
  27. 2003

    • ABC Interior Systems Inc. (formerly ABC Group Interior Systems).
    • ABC Exterior Systems Inc. (formerly ABC Group Exterior Systems).
    • Polyform Engineering products (formerly PDI Plastics Inc.).
  28. 2004

    • ABC Automotive Systems Inc. established in Kentucky, U.S.A.
    • Humberline Packaging Inc. formed.
  29. 2006

    • ABC Group Global Sales & Marketing Inc. formed in Korea.
  30. 2007

    • ABC Group sales & Marketing (China) Inc. formed.
  31. 2009

    • ABC Group appoints new leadership (Helga Schmidt, President & CEO, Robert Kunihiro, Co-Managing Director & Mark Poynton, Co-Managing Director).
  32. 2010

    • ABC Group Fuel Systems announces strategic alliance with YAPP Automotive Parts.
  33. 2011

    • ABC Group Undercar Products expands and moves to new manufacturing location in Wyoming, Michigan.
    • First Canadian Tier One auto parts supplier to receive WBE certification.
    • ABC Group announces joint venture agreement with China’s Ningbo INOAC Huaxiang Automobile Products Co. Ltd.
    • ABC INOAC Huaxiang Co., Ltd. (AIH) opens manufacturing facility in Ningbo, China
    • ABC Group signs Global Alliance agreement with Japan’s INOAC Corporation.
    • Grupo ABC de Mexico S.A. de C.V opens Plant 3 in San Juan del Rio.
    • ABC Group JV in Poland; Graform…
  34. 2012

    • Helga Schmidt becomes President, Chairman & CEO of ABC Group of Companies.
  35. 2013

    • ABC INOAC JV in North America. ABC INOAC Exterior Systems Inc. (LLC) is formed.
  36. 2014

    • ABC INOAC Huaxiang Co., Ltd. (AIH) opens manufacturing facility in Shenyang, China.
    • Grupo ABC de Mexico S.A. de C.V opens Plant 4 in Queretaro.
    • ABC Group sells its Fuel Systems division to Rongshi International Holding Company Ltd.
    • Mary Anne Bueschkens becomes President & General Counsel of ABC Group. Derrick Phelps becomes Deputy president and Chief Strategy Officer of ABC Group. Helga Schmidt is Chairman & CEO of ABC Group.
    • ABC Group & Cornaglia open JV manufacturing facility, ABCOR Filters Inc. in Toronto, Canada.
    • ABC INOAC Huaxiang Co., Ltd. (AIH) opens manufacturing facility in Wuhan, China.


  37. 2015

    • ABC Group begins work on new manufacturing facility in Poznan, Poland.
    • ABC Group acquires a license of RocTool Technologies for Automotive Applications.
  38. 2016

    • ABC Group & INOAC open ABC INOAC de Mexico paint facility.
    • ABC Group acquired by Cerberus Capital Management, L.P.
    • Mary Anne Bueschkens becomes CEO of ABC Group. Derrick Phelps becomes President and Chief of ABC Group. Mark Poynton continues to lead operations as Executive VP and COO.
  39. 2017

    • David Smith becomes CFO, and Ken Friedman becomes COO.

Awards & Recognition

Globally, ABC Group has been recognized for the value we bring to our automotive customers. The awards and recognition we continually receive is a testament to the hard work and passion of our people. Since 1992, ABC Group has won over 100 awards.

GM Supplier of the Year -2016

ABC Group Inc. has once again been honored by General Motors (GM) with the Supplier of the Year Award for 2016. This year’s award acknowledged ABC Group’s achievements in the Exterior and HVAC categories. Exterior Systems received the recognition for Running Boards and Rocker Panels, and the HVAC Business Unit for HVAC Systems. ABC Group has the distinct honor of being recognized for the eleventh time, since 1992, as General Motors Supplier of the Year.

Wards Auto Interior ’10 Best Interior Award’

The Cadillac TX5 2016

Cadillac XT5 received high marks for luxurious and high-quality materials. Editors appeared to be fans of the Cadillac User Experience (CUE) infotainment system and also pointed out the “flawless fit-and-finish.” Wards lists the Rosewood trim, semi-Aniline leather, and micro suede headliner as standouts, while the innovative rear camera mirror also impressed.

GM Supplier of the Year -2015

ABC Group Inc. has once again been honored by General Motors (GM) with the Supplier of the Year Award for 2015. This year’s award recognizes ABC Group’s achievements in the Exterior Systems category. Exterior Systems & ABC INOAC Exterior Systems received the recognition for running boards and spoilers. ABC Group has the distinct honor of being recognized for the tenth time, since 1992, as General Motors Supplier of the Year.

CAMSC Procurement Business Advocate of the Year

Sharing about the benefits of CAMSC and how business owners can become certified suppliers to ABC Group, has led to an increase in ABC Group’s diverse supply base and improved program spend with their suppliers. Thirty of these companies are now CAMSC certified suppliers, supplying goods and services to ABC Group.

FCA US Award

FCA US awarded ABC Group Inc. The 2016 ‘Supplier of the Year’ for ‘Engine Systems.’ FCA US recognized 16 of its best suppliers from North America that have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to innovation, quality, warranty, cost, delivery and the FCA Foundational Principles.

GM Top Diversity Performer

ABC Group Inc. was recognized for our efforts in promoting diversity within our company, and throughout our supply chain. We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with GM and our diverse suppliers. We recognize the barriers for various minority groups in the workplace, and celebrate the contributions they have made within the automotive industry.

Henry Ford Technology Award Program

Ford award ABC Group Inc. for the industry’s first structural-foam painted thermoplastic elastomer (TPO) component using a patented injection molding process called SPT. The process we have developed reduces 3 parts to 1 for a 30% weight reduction, and a 65% cost reduction.

Overdrive Award

Several GM experts from purchasing, engineering, quality and manufacturing bestow the Overdrive Award to the company’s top 4 partners. The Overdrive Award recognizes companies who exceed General Motors’ business priorities, and contribute to the communities around them. ABC Group was extremely honored to receive this award that reflects our long-standing relationship.

ABC Group Media

Provided are the latest media resources such as press releases, media kits and videos.